Started in 2017, incorporated in 2018, and re-branded in 2019, our structure and processes have been tailored to exceed our clients’ needs and change the senior advisor industry for the better.

Our Beginning

The founder, Tim Howard, spent several years following health care while working as a research analyst at an investment advisor. While exploring the industry, he learned about care coordination and its weaknesses. Seniors were particularly neglected, especially when it came to choosing senior living communities and caregivers. Who was there to educate, research, and support these complex decisions? Without a senior‚Äč advisor, families are guided by unofficial channels that fail to consider the key drivers of choosing the right care provider.

Providers want to sell while families are eager to choose a path. We see it all the time: the provider convinces the family of a regimen that fails to consider the family’s short and long-term needs.

“When it comes to choosing senior care, the decision can affect the whole family. That’s why families need to identify what they want and what they need, quickly. There are a lot of factors that a family must consider and then research. Senior Advisors Plus makes sure families are headed in the right direction in a higher gear.”

Senior Advisors Plus offers two types of services: Referral and Advisory. Under the Referral model, Senior Advisors Plus will refer caregiving agencies and senior living communities based on the client’s health, wealth, location, and lifestyle. Providers pay Senior Advisors Plus for its referral. As a result, there is no charge to the client; however, there are a limited number of participating providers.

Under the Advisory model, Senior Advisors Plus will help the family create a care strategy based on the client’s health, wealth, preferred location, and lifestyle. Under the Advisory model Senior Advisors Plus is not limited to referring only the providers it has contracts with. Some clients may prefer the Advisory model because in the long run, there are more ways to save; there are more luxury providers to choose from; and it establishes a fiduciary relationship between Senior Advisors Plus and the client. In return, Senior Advisor Plus will charge the client a flat fee of $1,200, and it will not accept any payment from any provider for its referral.

At your initial, free consultation, your advisor will answer any questions that you have about the two services. Then, you’ll get to choose which service you’d like to use. The dual model system ensures that our clients understand their options and allows us to serve them in the capacity that they choose.